Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Holidays + Sa-world Radio Updates


Hope everyone has been well.

Soooo.. If anyone hasn't checked out the last two Sa-world Radio episodes.... do so!

Lots of live stuff, although most with commentary... However a few remain untouched and some of the new band versions are quite good!

Also, you can hear bits of Mysterious Zone if you haven't heard it yet. The digital release was recently delayed but it's out now.

SAWA's announced a new one-man live coming up in February recently as well.

Yep, that's it for now!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mysterious Zone

Ahhh so this Mysterious Zone song is getting a limited Chaku-uta release.


Mysterious Zone

(Sound Produced by Jazzin'park)
2010.11.17 着うた(R) 先行配信
2010.11.24 着うたフル(R)/PC配信

It's apparently been produced by Jazzin'park.. so maybe it is a full song?

Still.. this will be SAWA's first digital single since being signed to a major label. Both Manycolors and Stars had releases on iTunes prior to their mini-albums.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

X-mas W/ DJ AYUMi

SAWA is featured on a new Francfranc compilation entitled Francfranc presents SNOW CRYSTAL!

The whole compilation is, of course, winter and Christmas themed.. The title of the track SAWA is featured on is Christmas Eve, and it's a cover done by AYUMi. There's also a full version (disc 1 is all mixed together) being included on a bonus CD!

EDIT: You can hear a snippet of it here, at 1:40-1:49.

SAWA was recently featured on a Francfranc presents... compilation (was Stars, no new song!)

francfranc preents GLAMOROUS HUNTER ... featured SAWA's Stars

yayyyyychristmassong ..... yaynotsomuchbustillsomethingiguess

Anywayyy, there's also (finally) new merch. There's a mirrorball SAWA coat-of-arms hairpin/badge type thing being sold during her lives!

The description is cute, saying it could be used to talk with UFOs...

Lastly, SAWA seems to be enjoying the interlude business! If you check the last post, it's been edited to include the details on the 'new song(notreally)' that was used for FM OKAYAMA's Dream Factory segment. She's also created a (very brief) jingle of her own for her サワガチャ(SAWAgacha) segment of sa-world RADIO!

ガチャポン (Gachapon) is basically a capsule toy, and during this segment of the show, SAWA has questions sent in by fans put into capsules. Then her and the guest take turns popping out questions and answering! Makes for interesting radio, I guess. (:P)

IN CONCLUSION, I'm thinking all the studio work and home demo'ing we've read about is proooobably more *theme* type things, more than anything else. She's been using exclusive versions of Opening Ceremony during different lives, depending on the venue.. so I kind of *doubt* she's working on any major new material at the moment.

However it really has been a busy year for her and she really does need a break! This is SAWA though.. and she usually has something up her sleeve so keep eyes and ears open! I'll try my best to keep ya updated.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nothing Yet...

I may have jumped the gun, I'm sorry!

I haven't heard the new music yet. Mostly what radio I listen to is through the net, and FM OKAYAMA doesn't have a webcast. However, I'm thinking I maybe got a bit over excited at seeing "new track".

I'm *thinking* that what was actually meant was SAWA has created the theme music for DJ Shima Toshiaki's ドリームファクトリー (Dream Factory) portion of the broadcast. Whether it be specifically created for the show or a portion of a new song, we'll find out soon hopefully!


SAWA just finished her first one-man live!

You can check out her blog for tons of pictures, outfit sketches, and the mega setlist. There's also a short SMA article with a few pics as well!

Anyway, sorry and hopefully we'll be hearing new things soon! I'll try and keep us *properly* updated. :)


So the track was called Mysterious Zone. You can read about it on the DJ's blog. Ahh well.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Song Next Week?

I beliiiiieeeve we'll hear a new track next week! On the main sa-world website, it is mentioned to tune into FM OKAYAMA next Friday to hear a new SAWA song.

She's mentioned working on a demo on her home computer recently (more self produced?) and of course, she's worked with DJ AYUMi.

I didn't think it would happen, but possible new release before the year's end? Hmmm.

*RaNdOm FuN jAcKnIfE pIc*

Who's excited for Halloween?

Friday, September 10, 2010


SAWA revealed in her blog today that she's been recording with DJ AYUMi! Wonder who's record it's going to (probably Ayumi's :P)

Second, if you check out SAWA's website, she had FreeTempo as a special guest. Long time, no see!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Should Be Asleep

Eight0008 put up a new TV performance, Throw him away!

PlanetSAWA's PC is back from the dead!

All is quiet in Sa-World..... She's taken a short well-deserved break from touring.

Check out her blog for some sweet 'official' live pics.. *Cross fingers for live ..vids.. maybe, possibly?*

Also, as requested..

Got scans of the article as well if anyone's interested. :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Little bits o' updates for the Planet-S today...

First off, SAWA's said in her blog this week that she is working on a new song! With one of her usual producers, but it's a mysteryyyy! Hopefully she'll debut it live soon!

Second, Stars is being included on a compilation entitled francfranc presents glamourous hunter! It's available on CDJapan/neowing, HMV and amazon now. Doesn't look like many new songs on it, but still always good to get some exposure!

Third, sorry for the lack of updates lately! My desktop has decided to be difficult f0r the time being, and I've been out of the country a bit.. so we'll see how it goes for updates right now. SAWA's mostly just touring anyway so I doubt tooooo much will happen in the coming month, but rewak and I will be listening out!

I'll also put up the SAWAMarqueescans as soon as everything's settled down here a bit, as requested. :) They're pretty interesting.. It's SAWA just hanging about in a modern-style room and showing off her mirror-ball collection! (She also mentioned that the Katamari Fortissimo Damacy soundtrack is a favorite of hers... ahhh Just imagine a katmari SAWA track, haha! She really seems into the summertime jams lately.)

More info as it surfaces!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

SAWA On Tour

She's had quite a few interesting lives going on!

Recently she had a live band put together (featuring Nawata Hisashi on keyboards! He produced あいにいくよ) and did quite a few songs "acoustically".

I'm a president

She's gottaaaa do a DVD or something if not of this, the release party!

More pics on astro-astro's blog

More promo!

Thank you Kawaii Japan!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

(Don't) Throw Daichi Away

For those who missed SAWA's presence on Sweet Vacation's USTVACATION, here it is! Talk of fine foods and May, Daichi and SAWA attempting, briefly, a live version of Chocolate Zone, haha!

Sorry it's a rather large + funky file (Media Player Classic might be your best bet if you can), but you can look at this geeky drawing I drew on the back of a receipt while you wait! :D Daaaaaah...

ALSO a new SAWA x 5iVE STAR video has went up.. same premise really, 'cept in a green dress and in the streeeets.

New lives are steadily coming up on her website. I've not seen any set-lists yet but I kinda wonder if she'd play a full set or just a couple new songs with the usuals. The longest sets she's done are at her release parties (usually with at least a new song!) so I guess we'll probably have to wait 'til then.

I hope they film it! It seems some of the Swimming Dancing release party was filmed since it showed up very briefly on the Sa-World DVD, so I kinda wonder...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

5iVE STAR x Throw him away

Check out the collage-style video for SAWA's Throw him away! It's made up of several photos of various people, with the chorus done by SAWA singing into a corn-on-the-cob!... Keep an eye on it!

Hopefully everyone's enjoying the new album.. I'm thinking about doing a poll for everyone's favorite tracks off it, we'll see.. (I think for me, currently, probably NightBus *nods*)

If you haven't seen the DVD yet, you shouuuuld. It's worth the money, even without the ManyColors and Stars (which is my favorite, even still) vids. Both the Creating Sa-world and Behind the Scenes documentaries are quite in depth and funny to watch.

If you follow SAWA's myspace blog lately, you'll kinda get a feel for the main documentary.

I also recommend picking up the new issue of MARQUEE if you can! This scan doesn't even begin to capture how sweet this picture is. It's a really interesting magazine on it's own, even without their SAWAlove. They cover bands from underground and those who have moved on up in the world as well!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Still not convinced that you wanna explore Sa-World?

Would you rather have a taste first before you take a full bite?

....Are you scared?

Don't be, it'll all be okay! Sa-World may be a bit surreal, but it's good for you!

Sa-World is waiting...


So.. the album is out today!

SAWA's been doing a bit of promoting again. First off, she's put up a CM for the album on her myspace:


SAWA | MySpace Music Videos

She's done a few web-interviews and some magazines as well that you can check out on her website. A few interesting ones:

Gives a playlist of songs she loves

Four page interview and a few new pics

Also there's a video from sa-world RADIO up on youtube posted by Eight0008, showing her with last weeks guests and promoting the new album.

Look at that poster.... @_@

Everyone go get it! 頑張ってSAWA!

BTW it looks like the mini-album poll is down, but last I checked TIME&SPACE was the winner!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just a few more daaayss....

Just a bit longer until the release of Welcome To Sa-World.. and it looks like SAWA's out promoting!

A couple of tracks are being released for chaku-uta, Throw him away and Danger Zone.. Danger Zone being released the day the album comes out. You get it for free from the QR code on the first press stickers. :)

She's recently given a TV interview, no video yet, but here's some pics from it:

She's also got a bunch of lives planned and up on the main website, a slew of magazine and web interviews and some more TV appearances.

Can't wait to hear it!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Bahsday PlanetSAWA

I hadn't realized until I recently updated the first post for a commenter request.. but it's been a year already!

Thanks to those that read, and comment! (..and especially my three followers, haha :P) I know sometimes this blog is a bit redundant.. but I do try to keep all info all in one place, and as soon as I find it!

I'm kinda surprised I've stuck with it this long, mostly 'cause I'm so easily distracted (lol) but SAWA's yet to disappoint me and so I'll keep sticking with it!

So... just a little under two more weeks 'til we explore Sa-World. What attraction are you anticipating most... is it the MerryGoRound?

I can't believe she had this up her sleeve all this time...........!

Hopefully one day we'll get to hear all the tracks from the demo album!


do not scroooolll if you're not wanting to see any pics from the album.. possibly...

The first press stickers for Sa-World!

Tower Bonus:

HMV Bonus:

Other Bonus:

Thank you rewak for the lovely b-day banner!

Friday, June 18, 2010


First off, check out sa-world for a newly updated website! It's all themed for SAWA's first full albuuuum..

The polls broke recently, sorry about that, however I did catch the winners of the Whatcha Wanna Hear one... with a tie: Lovefool and the original Discovery!

Perfume's recently done a short cover of Lovefool.. but they're not the first! The song has been covered soooo many times.. including SAWA. Her cover was released in between her first and second mini-albums for a Wired Cafe Music Recommedation compilation entitled Precious.

Both SAWA's and Perfume's versions are enjoyable.. however I don't really think anyone really can touch the original. The Cardigans are a really great band who were uber-popular in Japan for their sound and have been quite influential to many J-pop artists. (I recommend their Super Extra Gravity album.. it's one of their darker ones.. less jangly and bouncy, but it's a good 'un.. Then of course their First Band On the Moon album was good all the way through!)

The (sa-world ver.) of Discovery is far as I know.. the same version as the one on TIME&SPACE. However, the original version, seen in the promo vid below, was more of an intro without any real lyrics. It makes a lovely intro on my SAWA playlist. :I SAWA + Yukihiro Fukutomi always make sweet stuff.. she mentioned in her latest blog something about him.. wonder what they're up to...

Thanks to mao2222222 for the nippon no asoko de promo vid. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm a president

Newest song sample played by Lady SAWA, I'm a president!

I'm reaaaaally liking this.. It's like.. ahhh.. a combination of so many things. Are You Ready For Love? trumpety things.. It's quite Shibuya-kei as well.. It's actually slightly creepy with the organ/synth riff thing.

For some reason it reminds me of older No Doubt stuff!

Way to go SAWA + Jazzin'park on this one!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Is The Wait Driving You MAD? ☄

So... I think it's safe to say everyone's getting quite hyped for the new album..!

It's been strange and cool to see SAWA quickly rise out of obscurity, and rocket straight into everyone's hearts! I hope things continue to fall in her benefit. Everyone seems to be on the edge of their seats to see what she's gonna do with this relesase!

We've seen the lovely album sleeves and one promo shot .. There will be more coming soon! In the newest issue of MARQUEE mag, she's got a 10 page section, with an interview and more photos!

Right now I think everyone's pretty much just anxious for previews. We've recently heard Throw him away! which is a lovely Shibuya-kei tinged tune that she's written with Yukihiro Fukutomi (Discovery, Sing It Back) Then also course, the title tracks (except the new Swimming Dancing!)

So anyway, to kill some time, I've added some little polls to the side. First off I figured I'd start with the most easiest.. question: What's your favorite mini-album? I may add some broken down ones later including what's your favorite track on each, or maybe what's your favorite on the new album.. We shall see.

I'm also adding one determing which SAWA rarity you'd like me to upload to the blog first! She's done tons of tracks inbetween mini albums, and there are a couple of tracks that had alternate versions. All in fun!

Hope everyone's not suffering through the wait.. and hope everyone's not overplaying their old SAWA in preparation for the new (I've done that to Stars countless times..... @_@).

Will post more news as it comes!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Throw him away!

The new Glico CM featuring one of SAWA's new tracks Throw him away! has been released today. You can see it on Glico's website or you can listen to it here. She's been using it as an intro for sa-world RADIO for a few weeks now!

SAWA's discography has also been updated with the new album today, so we now know which covers go with what edition. More info on the DVD was revealed there as well. The 'behind the scenes' stuff consists of two documentaries, one 10 minutes and one 30 minutes! That's almost as exciting as new music!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little More sa-world Info

New songs not only under SAWA's own production but others as well including past collaborators Yukihiro Fukutomi, Kentarou Takizawa (Taki <3), and Jazzin'Park. New producers include TeddyLoid and SONPUB!!

Times and credits from TOWER:

1. Opening Ceremony ~Sa-Worldへようこそ~ (00:55)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: SAWA
* Arrangement: SAWA

2. MerryGoRound (04:46)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: 村カワ基成
* Arrangement: 村カワ基成

3. Stars

4. NightBus (04:56)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: Kondou Takashi
* Arrangement: Kondou Takashi, Yukihiro Fukutomi

5. Chocolate Zone ~野生のSAWA~ (01:16)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: Yukihiro Fukutomi
* Arrangement: SAWA

6. Throw Him Away! (02:49)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: Yukihiro Fukutomi
* Arrangement: Yukihiro Fukutomi

7. ManyColors

8. I'm a president (05:07)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: Kubota Makoto
* Arrangement: Jazzin 'park

9. Danger Zone ~逃げろ!危うしSa-World!~ (01:48)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Arrangement: SAWA

10. Swimming Dancing (04:37)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Arrangement: SAWA

11. Friday Night (04:16)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: Yamaki Ryuuitirou
* Arrangement: SONPUB

12. Planet-T (04:17)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: Yass South Hilo
* Arrangement: TeddyLoid

13. Eat It All ~ Live in Sa-World ~ (01:57)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: Takizawa Kentarou
* Arrangement: Takizawa Kentarou, SAWA

14. I Can Fly

15. あいにいくよ

16. Dream about ... (04:15)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: SAWA
* Arrangement: SAWA

17. Thank you for visiting ~ My name is ... ~ (01:14)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: SAWA
* Arrangement: SAWA

Little Background Info on the new guysss:

MerryGoRound's composer, 村カワ基成, I've not heard of before. The only info I could really find was he had some hand in some of Nice Hashimoto's releases. No new info past 2006 was found on him, which leads me to think he might have met up with SAWA during the time where she was working on her first mini-album.

TeddyLoid is an up and coming artist who's recently done a slew of remixes for artists including JUSTICE, Kanye West, Space Cowboy and just recently LIL's Moshi Moshi Radio.

Since 2004, SONPUB has released two albums one in 2004 (Phoenix Beats) and one in '08 (80 T.O 08 Haha). His sound is a bit electro and urban, and frequently has guest vocalists perform on his tracks.

AYUSE KOZUE performing >イノセント少年BOYYY with SONPUB

Yukihiro Fukutomi, we know of course (SAWA's Obi-Wan!) has produced many of her tracks in the past, Discovery, Sing It Back and a remix of ManyColours. She also performed vocals on a Gundam cover song with Yukihiro titled いまはおやすみ.

Kentaro Takizawa produced past tracks Space Travel, and a remix of World-Wide Tea Party. SAWA also participated on his album last year BIG ROOM, for the stunning track Another Landscape and others.

Lastly the recent collaborators Jazzin'Park produced JetCoaster from あいにいくよ just last month as well as a Stars remix last year on Swimming Dancing.


No Taku or RAM RIDER, this go 'round, but there's always the future! She recently performed with FPM and seemed to get along with him well, so maybe another future collaborator may be in store for SAWA fans!

That's all the SAWA news for now, yeeesh!