Monday, August 17, 2009

More Slight Off Topics!


This past week I've bought quite a few albums.

First up, is Asobi Seksu's Transparence EP on a seeeexy transparent 10" vinyl!!
Asobi Seksu is a band from here in the states. They're spectacular, and quite unique in sound ranging from dream pop, shoegaze to even some slight Shibuya-kei sound.

I saw them live back in February (and I've got tickets to see them again next month!!!!!!!) and they will melt your face, it's an awesome performance with ear splitting guitars from James, and Yuki wailing on synths, bells, tamborines, even drums, whatever she can get her hands on!

Anyway, another sweet aspect of the band is their packaging! Normally they work with a graphic artist named Sean McCabe, who's brilliant. This time around though, I think they've done it themselves! Transparence is beautifully packaged, and like I said.. the vinyl is clear, which I know is kind of simple in theory, but I still keep finding myself looking at it and twirling it about haphazardly..

The best track from the EP is Urusai Tori, which I think translates to "Noisy Bird". It's a weird song, and I think a first for Asobi in that it has beats. They did an acoustic version earlier in the summer before they even realeased the original.

Moving on.... to something slightly SAWA oriented..

I got Seaside Town!

The SAWA track, Samba De Mar, is quite weird but very pretty. Musically it's kinda spacey and does sound quite nautical... The vocals are kind of different for SAWA as well. It's got this kind of 1960's psychedelic vibe to it that I always appreciate. :P
Samba De Mar definetely isn't the best track though! There's two tracks in particular that I've been playing over and over all day today, both sung by Wada Junko (of The Decorations and BE THE VOICE.) The RIDE ON TIME cover, produced by DORIAN (dunno who he is, but he did a wondeful job!) is just awesome, it flows along so nicely with bouncy kind of synths.

The other I really like, titled 波よせて (The Wave Vaudeville), is a Small Circle of Friends cover produced by Cherryboy Function (who did SAWA's Raspberry Dream cover on Juicy Fruits). It's got this sort of music boxey sounding synth going on in the background, and is sort of a breezy little hip-hop thing.. It sounds quite similiar to the original song, actually, but Junko's vocals are so freakin' smooth, which is kinda what the original lacked, I think.
The cinnabom track, Sweet sea side is pretty cool too. The credits don't include AYA (of Stoned Green Apples), but the opening guitar and riffs throughout the song sound like her work. Sweet sea side is more organic sounding than the rest of the compilation, but still has that kind of chill psychedelic vibe with the rest of the tracks.

The last album I got was Stoned Green Apple's Will You Marry Me EP. I haven't listened to it as much as the other stuff yet, but it sounds pretty cool. It's got two covers, one of Akon's I Wanna Fuck You, and The Zombie's Time of the Season. So.. yeah, can't go wrong!

So there you go! Long rambly post today about me bragging about some CDs I bought basically. :P At least I've got a couple previews up there though, right? I hope whoever reads this blog enjoys the tracks I posted, and have a nice one!
Tell me what you think!

Monday, August 10, 2009


So... things are kind of quiet at the moment. SAWA does have some live dates coming up, and I think a new episode of Sa-world Radio is at the end of the week.. but ehhh.

Has anyone come across SPLASH★, or the Gundam track? It seems near impossible to buy the digi download, and the actual RYUKYUDISKO album isn't out until September. I'm thinking about buying the Gundam album.. but it'll be a while before I can!

I am waiting on Seaside Town, it should be here this week or next. Ahh well, the waiting~!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Old Sk0oL SAWA?

Sounds quite R'n'B, but still very much what we know and love, right? The piano style sounds very much like the tracks on COLORS, don't you think?
Wonder if we'll hear anything more of Kochi?
Check out the website.