Thursday, October 21, 2010

X-mas W/ DJ AYUMi

SAWA is featured on a new Francfranc compilation entitled Francfranc presents SNOW CRYSTAL!

The whole compilation is, of course, winter and Christmas themed.. The title of the track SAWA is featured on is Christmas Eve, and it's a cover done by AYUMi. There's also a full version (disc 1 is all mixed together) being included on a bonus CD!

EDIT: You can hear a snippet of it here, at 1:40-1:49.

SAWA was recently featured on a Francfranc presents... compilation (was Stars, no new song!)

francfranc preents GLAMOROUS HUNTER ... featured SAWA's Stars

yayyyyychristmassong ..... yaynotsomuchbustillsomethingiguess

Anywayyy, there's also (finally) new merch. There's a mirrorball SAWA coat-of-arms hairpin/badge type thing being sold during her lives!

The description is cute, saying it could be used to talk with UFOs...

Lastly, SAWA seems to be enjoying the interlude business! If you check the last post, it's been edited to include the details on the 'new song(notreally)' that was used for FM OKAYAMA's Dream Factory segment. She's also created a (very brief) jingle of her own for her サワガチャ(SAWAgacha) segment of sa-world RADIO!

ガチャポン (Gachapon) is basically a capsule toy, and during this segment of the show, SAWA has questions sent in by fans put into capsules. Then her and the guest take turns popping out questions and answering! Makes for interesting radio, I guess. (:P)

IN CONCLUSION, I'm thinking all the studio work and home demo'ing we've read about is proooobably more *theme* type things, more than anything else. She's been using exclusive versions of Opening Ceremony during different lives, depending on the venue.. so I kind of *doubt* she's working on any major new material at the moment.

However it really has been a busy year for her and she really does need a break! This is SAWA though.. and she usually has something up her sleeve so keep eyes and ears open! I'll try my best to keep ya updated.

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