Friday, June 18, 2010


First off, check out sa-world for a newly updated website! It's all themed for SAWA's first full albuuuum..

The polls broke recently, sorry about that, however I did catch the winners of the Whatcha Wanna Hear one... with a tie: Lovefool and the original Discovery!

Perfume's recently done a short cover of Lovefool.. but they're not the first! The song has been covered soooo many times.. including SAWA. Her cover was released in between her first and second mini-albums for a Wired Cafe Music Recommedation compilation entitled Precious.

Both SAWA's and Perfume's versions are enjoyable.. however I don't really think anyone really can touch the original. The Cardigans are a really great band who were uber-popular in Japan for their sound and have been quite influential to many J-pop artists. (I recommend their Super Extra Gravity album.. it's one of their darker ones.. less jangly and bouncy, but it's a good 'un.. Then of course their First Band On the Moon album was good all the way through!)

The (sa-world ver.) of Discovery is far as I know.. the same version as the one on TIME&SPACE. However, the original version, seen in the promo vid below, was more of an intro without any real lyrics. It makes a lovely intro on my SAWA playlist. :I SAWA + Yukihiro Fukutomi always make sweet stuff.. she mentioned in her latest blog something about him.. wonder what they're up to...

Thanks to mao2222222 for the nippon no asoko de promo vid. :)


  1. Can you make a list of all the songs SAWA has done, aside from her major works? I'm not asking for downloads or anything, just the names so I can (hopefully) watch the videos on YouTube.

  2. Yeah :) I've got a list on the first post of this blog. I try to keep it up to date!

  3. Oh, ty! That's exactly what I was looking for.~