Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little More sa-world Info

New songs not only under SAWA's own production but others as well including past collaborators Yukihiro Fukutomi, Kentarou Takizawa (Taki <3), and Jazzin'Park. New producers include TeddyLoid and SONPUB!!

Times and credits from TOWER:

1. Opening Ceremony ~Sa-Worldへようこそ~ (00:55)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: SAWA
* Arrangement: SAWA

2. MerryGoRound (04:46)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: 村カワ基成
* Arrangement: 村カワ基成

3. Stars

4. NightBus (04:56)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: Kondou Takashi
* Arrangement: Kondou Takashi, Yukihiro Fukutomi

5. Chocolate Zone ~野生のSAWA~ (01:16)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: Yukihiro Fukutomi
* Arrangement: SAWA

6. Throw Him Away! (02:49)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: Yukihiro Fukutomi
* Arrangement: Yukihiro Fukutomi

7. ManyColors

8. I'm a president (05:07)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: Kubota Makoto
* Arrangement: Jazzin 'park

9. Danger Zone ~逃げろ!危うしSa-World!~ (01:48)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Arrangement: SAWA

10. Swimming Dancing (04:37)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Arrangement: SAWA

11. Friday Night (04:16)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: Yamaki Ryuuitirou
* Arrangement: SONPUB

12. Planet-T (04:17)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: Yass South Hilo
* Arrangement: TeddyLoid

13. Eat It All ~ Live in Sa-World ~ (01:57)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: Takizawa Kentarou
* Arrangement: Takizawa Kentarou, SAWA

14. I Can Fly

15. あいにいくよ

16. Dream about ... (04:15)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: SAWA
* Arrangement: SAWA

17. Thank you for visiting ~ My name is ... ~ (01:14)
* Lyrics: SAWA
* Composer: SAWA
* Arrangement: SAWA

Little Background Info on the new guysss:

MerryGoRound's composer, 村カワ基成, I've not heard of before. The only info I could really find was he had some hand in some of Nice Hashimoto's releases. No new info past 2006 was found on him, which leads me to think he might have met up with SAWA during the time where she was working on her first mini-album.

TeddyLoid is an up and coming artist who's recently done a slew of remixes for artists including JUSTICE, Kanye West, Space Cowboy and just recently LIL's Moshi Moshi Radio.

Since 2004, SONPUB has released two albums one in 2004 (Phoenix Beats) and one in '08 (80 T.O 08 Haha). His sound is a bit electro and urban, and frequently has guest vocalists perform on his tracks.

AYUSE KOZUE performing >イノセント少年BOYYY with SONPUB

Yukihiro Fukutomi, we know of course (SAWA's Obi-Wan!) has produced many of her tracks in the past, Discovery, Sing It Back and a remix of ManyColours. She also performed vocals on a Gundam cover song with Yukihiro titled いまはおやすみ.

Kentaro Takizawa produced past tracks Space Travel, and a remix of World-Wide Tea Party. SAWA also participated on his album last year BIG ROOM, for the stunning track Another Landscape and others.

Lastly the recent collaborators Jazzin'Park produced JetCoaster from あいにいくよ just last month as well as a Stars remix last year on Swimming Dancing.


No Taku or RAM RIDER, this go 'round, but there's always the future! She recently performed with FPM and seemed to get along with him well, so maybe another future collaborator may be in store for SAWA fans!

That's all the SAWA news for now, yeeesh!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


From sa-world:

1st Full Album
Welcome to Sa-World
2010.7.07 release

DVD付初回生産限定盤:ESCL-3475-76 ¥3,465(tax in)
通常盤:ESCL-3477 ¥3,059(tax in)

01 Opening Ceremony ~Sa-Worldへようこそ~
02 MerryGoRound
03 Stars
04 NightBus
05 Chocolate Zone ~野生のSAWA~
06 ManyColors
07 I'm a president
08 Throw him away!
09 Danger Zone ~逃げろ!危うしSa-World!~
10 Swimming Dancing
11 Planet-T
12 Friday Night
13 Eat It All ~Live in Sa-World~
14 I Can Fly
15 あいにいくよ
16 Dream about...
17 Thank you for visiting ~My name is...~

Mmm. So full of WTF-ness. Who's excited?

Looks like there's a total of 5 interludes (counting intro and outro)? MerryGoRound is actually a reeally old track, I think. It shares the same title as one of the songs she wrote for her first mini-album that never saw the light of day.. Dunno if it's the same..

Still no sign of Stars or ManyColors PV... waaah!

More info as it comes!

Welcome To Sa-World!

Well well well!

Full album it is! Welcome To Sa-World, out in July!

So far the details are a bit vague, but it sounds like.. The five title-tracks from the mini-albums, 7 SAWA-produced tracks (including an intro, interlude and outro) and five other new tracks from past producers. (Woo-hoohoo, 17 tracks, really?)

Also .. finally A PV DVD! Right now there's no mention of the PV's for Stars and ManyColors.. but hopefully they'll be put on there..

Don't quote me on this as it's too soon! :P

We've actually heard a bit of the intro during her live Swimming Dancing release party on sa-world RADIO! I had no idea she had composed it herself, I thought maybe ☆taku might have made a one-off for the release party.. but it's really hard sounding stuff! If you missed it before here's a clip.

Right now she's gone on a mini-vacation to South Korea (as she did before COLORS, while she was composing the mini-album-that-never-surfaced), maybe for inspiration, or rest, who knows. Let's hope it does some good!

Preorder @ CDJAPAN/Neo wing
Regular Version
Limited Version w/ DVD

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Full Album In Progress?

Well, SAWA's been hard at work in the studio.. Haha!

「今フルアルバムを制作中です。そんな感じデースw」 !

A quote taken from Funky-san's blog (a fellow SAWA fan) after he'd been to a recent live featuring SAWA. During her MC he said she'd made quite the announcement.

Take it with a grain of salt, but seems like SAWA's in the midst of working on a full album.

Although I'm a fan of the mini-album medium, any news is good news to me! Let's just hope it's all brand new material.