Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Stuff In April, あいにいくよ

SAWA's, naturally, been hard at work!

She played a new track on her radio station today called サイダー (Saidaa; Cider).. Pretty cool sounding.. slightly old-disco, shibuya-kei.. Very different from Swimming Dancing.

Anyway, I googled the new track and found this on neowing + CDJapan

Fifth Mini-album, titled: あいにいくよ.

Seems like four new songs, サイダー, the title track あいにいくよ produced by Hisashi Nawata (who's worked with artists such as Ryohei, Crystal K, BoA, Halcali, and Rie fu), ジェットコースター (Jet Coaster) produced by Jazzin'Park, and then an older song, called SuperLooper produced by RAM RIDER!

She performed SuperLooper back during TIME&SPACE, during a few lives. I think it's a cover, but I've never actually heard her performance myself, so we'll see!

A bonus track is being offered as well, a Takeshi Nakatsuka (produced メトロポリタン美術館 (Metropolitan Museum of Art) from TIME&SPACE)remix of Samba de Mar, a track she did for a compilation called Seaside Town.

*EDIT* TOWER has posted a tracklist of the new mini-album:

あいにいくよ [Fifth Mini-Album]: TBA 7 April, 2010
1. あいにいくよ ...Produced by Nawata Hisashi
2. ジェットコースター ...Produced by Jazzin'park
3. サイダー ...Produced by Junya Ookubo Zyun (ANA)
4. SuperLooper ...Produced by RAM RIDER
5. Samba de Mar(Nakatsuka Takeshi Remix) <BONUS TRACK>

She's also going to be on the album of a debut artist, Anan Ryoko, a pianist and composer. The song's titled Dreaming. There's an English + Japanese version being released on it.

That's all for now! More info as it comes.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Calling All Long-Time SAWA Fans

I was reading through SAWA's old blog posts (Don't judge me, I've been snowed in! :P) and she mentioned a few tracks being posted on her myspace before the release of COLORS or before she'd even met FreeTEMPO!

SAWA's blog

The tracks she mentions are titled メリーゴーランド (Merry-Go-Round), talking, happiness, and 坂道 (Sakamichi; Slope). There maybe another track titled in the music, as well, a blogger mentioned that the five tracks were used as background music on her homepage.

There's also a couple of dead ends on It seems as though talking and
メリーゴーランド had a few listens on there, but naturally, there's no listeners to contact.

I don't have a mixi account, so I'm not really sure if there's any info there either.

If anyone has heard these tracks, or has happened to have ripped them from her website or player.. it'd really be appreciated to share them with the rest of the SAWA fans out there!

Thanks in advance for any info, and also to the blogger I spoke with this morning. :)