Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goldfrapp Are Back!

Popjustice has just revelead that they got a sneak peek of Goldfrapp's lastest, an album titlted Head First, out March 22. They describe the first single, Rocket, as a carefree disco tune about a "love-gone-awry number which appears to be about firing an unsuitable chap off into space". It also includes rocket sounds, which our SAWA is so very fond of.. :P

It's all so exciting..

Goldfrapp is quite a unique band that have inspired many artists, including the J-pop world (Immi's クラクション is basically an Ooh La La 2! MEG's video for FREAK as well is FOR SURE inspired by it..) and if you've not listenened to them, DO IT! ...NOW! :D

Also today, Mizca has revealed info as well as samples of her debut electro single キラキラ☆, which is released this January. Cutesy covers, and the music sounds pretty good although heavily vocodered.. (Seems like everyone is tired of the vocoder!) It's actually quite trippy in sound though, as far as the b-sides Truly Lovely + United To The Sky! The a-side キラキラ☆ sounds very much like a Nakata-style track with Saori vocals. Keep an eye out for her, we'll find out soon enough if this is a serious attempt!