Saturday, January 30, 2010


Happy Late New Year SAWA Fans!

First off, here's a live vid of SAWA at a RYUKYODISKO show a few weeks ago. She performed SPLASH★ and 夢のFUTURE.

Another short live vid as well from her TV performance! This vid has short clips from Stars and Swimming Dancing. Thanks very much to Eight0008 for posting both videos on le tube!

SAWA appears to be in the studio recording! She's posted pics on her blog in the studio with Jazzin' Park (who remixed Stars on Swimming Dancing) and also a mystery producer who called her up and asked if she'd be interested in making music.

Wonder when the news will hit that we'll get getting SAWA's fifth mini-album? :P The suspense, the suspence.

She's set to have her live release part in February, hopefully some vids will surface on the net.

So with the lack of SAWA music at the moment, I've been more into d-topia's girls lately.

Aira's been a bit quiet; DJ'ing around and releasing rare tracks through special merch bags.

Saori however, has been completely opposite! She's just released エスニック・プラネット・サバイバル, and her next single, Lonely Lonely Lonely, (HMV exclusive single) coming along in December, and a new full album soon to follow!

She's also done a PV for Birthday Everyday, which is being released through her Valentine's BAG. She's collaborated with galaxxxy (who've done the artwork sleeves for Ethnic + Lonely) for a t-shirt design as well, that comes with a download card of Lonely Lonely Lonely.

The previews for her new single Lonely Lonely Lonely are on youtube and her blog, check them out, they're definetely worth the effort!