Tuesday, July 27, 2010

(Don't) Throw Daichi Away

For those who missed SAWA's presence on Sweet Vacation's USTVACATION, here it is! Talk of fine foods and May, Daichi and SAWA attempting, briefly, a live version of Chocolate Zone, haha!

Sorry it's a rather large + funky file (Media Player Classic might be your best bet if you can), but you can look at this geeky drawing I drew on the back of a receipt while you wait! :D Daaaaaah...

ALSO a new SAWA x 5iVE STAR video has went up.. same premise really, 'cept in a green dress and in the streeeets.

New lives are steadily coming up on her website. I've not seen any set-lists yet but I kinda wonder if she'd play a full set or just a couple new songs with the usuals. The longest sets she's done are at her release parties (usually with at least a new song!) so I guess we'll probably have to wait 'til then.

I hope they film it! It seems some of the Swimming Dancing release party was filmed since it showed up very briefly on the Sa-World DVD, so I kinda wonder...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

5iVE STAR x Throw him away

Check out the collage-style video for SAWA's Throw him away! It's made up of several photos of various people, with the chorus done by SAWA singing into a corn-on-the-cob!... Keep an eye on it!

Hopefully everyone's enjoying the new album.. I'm thinking about doing a poll for everyone's favorite tracks off it, we'll see.. (I think for me, currently, probably NightBus *nods*)

If you haven't seen the DVD yet, you shouuuuld. It's worth the money, even without the ManyColors and Stars (which is my favorite, even still) vids. Both the Creating Sa-world and Behind the Scenes documentaries are quite in depth and funny to watch.

If you follow SAWA's myspace blog lately, you'll kinda get a feel for the main documentary.

I also recommend picking up the new issue of MARQUEE if you can! This scan doesn't even begin to capture how sweet this picture is. It's a really interesting magazine on it's own, even without their SAWAlove. They cover bands from underground and those who have moved on up in the world as well!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Still not convinced that you wanna explore Sa-World?

Would you rather have a taste first before you take a full bite?

....Are you scared?

Don't be, it'll all be okay! Sa-World may be a bit surreal, but it's good for you!

Sa-World is waiting...


So.. the album is out today!

SAWA's been doing a bit of promoting again. First off, she's put up a CM for the album on her myspace:


SAWA | MySpace Music Videos

She's done a few web-interviews and some magazines as well that you can check out on her website. A few interesting ones:

Gives a playlist of songs she loves

Four page interview and a few new pics

Also there's a video from sa-world RADIO up on youtube posted by Eight0008, showing her with last weeks guests and promoting the new album.

Look at that poster.... @_@

Everyone go get it! 頑張ってSAWA!

BTW it looks like the mini-album poll is down, but last I checked TIME&SPACE was the winner!