Monday, June 7, 2010

Is The Wait Driving You MAD? ☄

So... I think it's safe to say everyone's getting quite hyped for the new album..!

It's been strange and cool to see SAWA quickly rise out of obscurity, and rocket straight into everyone's hearts! I hope things continue to fall in her benefit. Everyone seems to be on the edge of their seats to see what she's gonna do with this relesase!

We've seen the lovely album sleeves and one promo shot .. There will be more coming soon! In the newest issue of MARQUEE mag, she's got a 10 page section, with an interview and more photos!

Right now I think everyone's pretty much just anxious for previews. We've recently heard Throw him away! which is a lovely Shibuya-kei tinged tune that she's written with Yukihiro Fukutomi (Discovery, Sing It Back) Then also course, the title tracks (except the new Swimming Dancing!)

So anyway, to kill some time, I've added some little polls to the side. First off I figured I'd start with the most easiest.. question: What's your favorite mini-album? I may add some broken down ones later including what's your favorite track on each, or maybe what's your favorite on the new album.. We shall see.

I'm also adding one determing which SAWA rarity you'd like me to upload to the blog first! She's done tons of tracks inbetween mini albums, and there are a couple of tracks that had alternate versions. All in fun!

Hope everyone's not suffering through the wait.. and hope everyone's not overplaying their old SAWA in preparation for the new (I've done that to Stars countless times..... @_@).

Will post more news as it comes!

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  1. You're doing a great job and a wonderful blog and i just want to thank you and what you have done.
    In my opinion her best mini album is the first one with her five songs amazing.In the same way i'm listening every day her song RADIO which is lovely... thank you again bisous