Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Should Be Asleep

Eight0008 put up a new TV performance, Throw him away!

PlanetSAWA's PC is back from the dead!

All is quiet in Sa-World..... She's taken a short well-deserved break from touring.

Check out her blog for some sweet 'official' live pics.. *Cross fingers for live ..vids.. maybe, possibly?*

Also, as requested..

Got scans of the article as well if anyone's interested. :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Little bits o' updates for the Planet-S today...

First off, SAWA's said in her blog this week that she is working on a new song! With one of her usual producers, but it's a mysteryyyy! Hopefully she'll debut it live soon!

Second, Stars is being included on a compilation entitled francfranc presents glamourous hunter! It's available on CDJapan/neowing, HMV and amazon now. Doesn't look like many new songs on it, but still always good to get some exposure!

Third, sorry for the lack of updates lately! My desktop has decided to be difficult f0r the time being, and I've been out of the country a bit.. so we'll see how it goes for updates right now. SAWA's mostly just touring anyway so I doubt tooooo much will happen in the coming month, but rewak and I will be listening out!

I'll also put up the SAWAMarqueescans as soon as everything's settled down here a bit, as requested. :) They're pretty interesting.. It's SAWA just hanging about in a modern-style room and showing off her mirror-ball collection! (She also mentioned that the Katamari Fortissimo Damacy soundtrack is a favorite of hers... ahhh Just imagine a katmari SAWA track, haha! She really seems into the summertime jams lately.)

More info as it surfaces!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

SAWA On Tour

She's had quite a few interesting lives going on!

Recently she had a live band put together (featuring Nawata Hisashi on keyboards! He produced あいにいくよ) and did quite a few songs "acoustically".

I'm a president

She's gottaaaa do a DVD or something if not of this, the release party!

More pics on astro-astro's blog

More promo!

Thank you Kawaii Japan!