Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Bahsday PlanetSAWA

I hadn't realized until I recently updated the first post for a commenter request.. but it's been a year already!

Thanks to those that read, and comment! (..and especially my three followers, haha :P) I know sometimes this blog is a bit redundant.. but I do try to keep all info all in one place, and as soon as I find it!

I'm kinda surprised I've stuck with it this long, mostly 'cause I'm so easily distracted (lol) but SAWA's yet to disappoint me and so I'll keep sticking with it!

So... just a little under two more weeks 'til we explore Sa-World. What attraction are you anticipating most... is it the MerryGoRound?

I can't believe she had this up her sleeve all this time...........!

Hopefully one day we'll get to hear all the tracks from the demo album!


do not scroooolll if you're not wanting to see any pics from the album.. possibly...

The first press stickers for Sa-World!

Tower Bonus:

HMV Bonus:

Other Bonus:

Thank you rewak for the lovely b-day banner!

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  1. Happy Birthday Planet SAWA ^^ I hope you will live a good year with many SAWA's new tracks !