Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SAWA Songwriting For Sasaki Nozomi

SAWA has written the lyrics for model/talent Sasaki Nozomi's newest single カラフルワールド (Colorful World, how SAWAesque..) You can hear a snippet of it in this shampoo cm.

**Update** The track is produced by recent SAWA collaborator Nawata Hisashi.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Two More New Songs Live

SAWA finished her recent one-man live yesterday (on her birthday!) and she's put up the setlist on her new blog.

Two more new songs were debuted, Tomorrow, and Bubble Wrap.

She also did a recent blog on her demo working formula and a few pics of her "working" in the studio.

Will 2011 bring us any new SAWA before it departs? Who knows. I hope everyone enjoyed their halloween!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New SAWA Blog

No one's been showing myspace much love these days; it's like a deserted island.. SAWA included, so along with updating her mixi page, she's created a new blog on Excite! Has a nice new pic (that she also updated her twitter with.)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tiny Little Update

Quiet in the SAWA camp..

SAWA has been doing live performances here and there, and she's played a new song yesterday called Tell A Lie. Along with one of the other songs mentioned before, あおぞら.

Also a few weeks ago she did her (sudden) final Sa-world Radio show.

Hopefully things will pick up soon, keep in touch!

Monday, June 27, 2011

New Songs Played at Latest Live

There are a few reports of SAWA's latest one man stating she performed three new songs titled:

ミスターブラウン (Mr. Brown)
ハッピーバースデー (Happy Birthday)
青空 (Aozora; Blue Sky)

Also in attendance were Aya Arvin homa (a frequent lyric collaborator on SAWA's albums), DJ AYUMi (recent producer, for Christmas Eve), Yukihiro Fukutomi (SAWA's Obi-Wan) and Emi Tawada.

There's also a string of new live dates for next month and another big one-man in November.

We'll keep ya posted.

Setlist from SAWA's mixi, posted from Funky-san's blog

01. New thank you for visiting
02. JetCoaster
03. ManyColors
~ MC ~
04. Green
05. Stars
06. イチゴ畑でつかまえて
~ MC ~
07. Mysterious Zone
~ MC ~
08. Space Travel
09. Planet-T
10. Swimming Dancing
11. 春に (木下牧子 cover; choral arrangement)
~ MC ~
12. Mr. Brown (New Song!)
13. Happy Birthday (New Song!)
14. あいにいくよ 
~ MC ~
15. I'm a President
~ Encore ~
16. あおぞら(New Song!)
17. I Can Fly

Mr. Brown is a swing style track and あおぞら (青空/Aozora/Blue Sky) is a mid-tempo ballad.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Fresh from the RIDER's twittah:

I'm so in love.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Title that doesn't stir up insane excitement but let's everyone know that it seems like there might be some progress"


No big news, sorry.. However SAWA tweeted a pic of some interest today of Hisashi Nawata working on a track at her place.

Haha, notice the SAWA glass.

So... something in the works..

Nawata recently did some production on Shibasaki Kou's CIRCLE CYCLE album with one of hte best tracks on it, パラレルワールド・リーディング (Parallel World Reading) and Sowelu's album last year with the song NEVER feat. VERBAL. Of course he also produced SAWA's last mini-album title track, あいにいくよ, so expecting good things!

Give it a listen

They seem to be pretty good friends and he's joined her for many lives to play keyboard as well.. Wonder if they'll have it finished for the next big one-man-live?


Also.. there's a post of SAWA-fan interest at the wonderful STEREO_NiGHT LJ community.. you might wanna check it out. You have to join, though!

Also2.. SAWA's started her myspace blog back up, check it out for some pics she took of her recent trip to Paris!

That is all for now!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Cover Song for Compilation

SAWA has completed a new track, a Seiko Matsuda cover いちご畑でつかまえて (Ichigobatake de tsukamaete/Catcher in the Strawberry Field) for a compilation coming out in May.

You can hear a preview here or a rip here :)


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Watch the Newest Sa-world Radio

To hear bits of the new song, No Appointment Romeo, check out SAWA's home page to see some of the live footage from her last one man live.

It's hard to hear some of the show due to the commentary, but the parts you can hear sound niiiice. SAWA and the new live band actually developed new arrangements for some of the songs, Stars especially sounds back to it's bouncy self.

Also SAWA's currently auctioning a set of mirror-ball themed rings to help raise money for the recent crisis in Japan. Check 'em out here.

Monday, February 28, 2011

No Appointment Romeo

Funky-san updated the setlist from the one-man a bit to match SAWA's latest blog, with the new song title. Go check out his blog for the full review. :) The new song No Appointment Romeo (Non-Appointment Romeo/ノンアポイントメントロミオ) apparently has a rock-ish sound?

01. Night Desert Original interlude
02. Night Desert
03. Discovery
04. Mysterious zone 

05. I Can Fly
06. Samba de mar-NAKATSUKATAKESHI remix-
07. Chocolate zone~野生のSAWA~
08. Throw Him Away!

09. 心の瞳
10. あいにいくよ

11. No Appointment Romeo
12. Jet Coaster

13. Blue
14. ManyColors
15. DangerZone
16. Swimming Dancing
17. Super Looper

18. Stars

19. Green
20. My Sunny Days

Also check out SAWA's same blog entry for some rather impressive watercolor paintings..

She should for sure start including more of her painting in some of her album jackets. The landscape one are especially beautiful (to me anyway!)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Song Played At One-Man

Seems SAWA's latest live was a success! Not only did she play a new cover song, but a new untitled song as well! Also she's announced a new one-man live in June; SAWAの惑星! (PLANETSAWA:D) (..Hopefully a new RELEASE PARTYY..)

1. NightDesert
2. Discovery
3. Mysterious Zone
4. I Can Fly
5. Samba de Mar -NAKATSUKATAKESHI remix-
6. Throw him away!
7. 心の瞳(Kyu Sakamoto cover)
8. あいにいくよ
9. ~New Song~
10. JetCoaster
11. ManyColors
12. Blue
13. Danger Zone ~逃げろ!危うし Sa-World!~
14. Swimming Dancing
15. SuperLooper
16. Stars
17. Green
18. My Sunny Days

Setlist from
Funky-san's blog
Check out his blog to read about the live, as well as other lives (he's attended a lot!) He's quite a nice guy. :)

Hopefully we'll have newwwwws soon! Shall keep updated


Monday, February 14, 2011

No News No News No News

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone's been hanging in there and taking time to do the things they like!

No news in SAWAnderland... A few lives have been scheduled in March (should we be hopeful?) and the big second one-man live is in just a couple of weeks..

Time for a new mini-album, don't you think?

Anyway.. lots of other things going on in the world to keep us occupied, right? What's everyone been listening to? I'm currently waiting on HNC's newest EP, myself..

..and really just been busy with everyday life. :)

Oh, one thing, check out LinzerDinzerTV and vote for a review of SAWA's Swimming Dancing PV! It's actually winning right now and it might get her a bit more exposure through the weird world of youtube. Lindsay's quite funny and quite the J-pop/K-pop fan, so check 'er out!

In the meantime.. I think I'll give TIME&SPACE a spin today, it's been a while. ★