Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nothing Yet...

I may have jumped the gun, I'm sorry!

I haven't heard the new music yet. Mostly what radio I listen to is through the net, and FM OKAYAMA doesn't have a webcast. However, I'm thinking I maybe got a bit over excited at seeing "new track".

I'm *thinking* that what was actually meant was SAWA has created the theme music for DJ Shima Toshiaki's ドリームファクトリー (Dream Factory) portion of the broadcast. Whether it be specifically created for the show or a portion of a new song, we'll find out soon hopefully!


SAWA just finished her first one-man live!

You can check out her blog for tons of pictures, outfit sketches, and the mega setlist. There's also a short SMA article with a few pics as well!

Anyway, sorry and hopefully we'll be hearing new things soon! I'll try and keep us *properly* updated. :)


So the track was called Mysterious Zone. You can read about it on the DJ's blog. Ahh well.

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