Tuesday, July 27, 2010

(Don't) Throw Daichi Away

For those who missed SAWA's presence on Sweet Vacation's USTVACATION, here it is! Talk of fine foods and May, Daichi and SAWA attempting, briefly, a live version of Chocolate Zone, haha!

Sorry it's a rather large + funky file (Media Player Classic might be your best bet if you can), but you can look at this geeky drawing I drew on the back of a receipt while you wait! :D Daaaaaah...

ALSO a new SAWA x 5iVE STAR video has went up.. same premise really, 'cept in a green dress and in the streeeets.

New lives are steadily coming up on her website. I've not seen any set-lists yet but I kinda wonder if she'd play a full set or just a couple new songs with the usuals. The longest sets she's done are at her release parties (usually with at least a new song!) so I guess we'll probably have to wait 'til then.

I hope they film it! It seems some of the Swimming Dancing release party was filmed since it showed up very briefly on the Sa-World DVD, so I kinda wonder...

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