Thursday, November 26, 2009

Updates an' Info

New episode of Sa-World Radio is up, check it out when you get a chance!

Second episode in a row to have Kentaro Takizawa as a guest.

A video from the last episode has surfaced (the one from her birthday), which is now posted up on PlanetSAWA's brand new youtube account, yay! Rewak has set that, and a new email account as well, for any news, videos, an' all that from you fellow fans.

YouTube Account
Google Mail Account

More from The Big Room.... SAWA was at the release party, performing and drinkin' it up with fellow members and fans. Here's a pic of her with Mika Sawabe.

A live vid from that has surfaced as well (using that cringe-worthy Keep Love Together), and she shows up a few times.

SAWA's also been busy doing interviews apparentely. Her + Taku Takahashi will appear in an interview in the next issue of MARQUEE, as well as a couple other 'zines. She's also done some online interviews which you can check out here and here.

There's some sort of World Wide Tea Party-themed promo project she's planning on her mixi account, but I don't have one so I'm not really sure on the details (probably best I don't know anyway.. :P)

So there's some shtuff for you to check out as you enjoy her latest mini-album. :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Out, Go Get It SAWAitians!

It's funny, there was so much negative feedback about Swimming Dancing in the beginning: it only had 2 songs, it shouldn't be called a mini-album, SAWA shout-sings.. Now that it's out however, it seems like everyone's really pleased!

Epic PV and artwork, remixes that aren't crap, and of course wonderful music.. I'm really glad that quite the little SAWA community has been created. Let's all hope for new music soon!

If you haven't got it yet, dooooo iiiit:

Swimming Dancing @ YESASIA
Swimming Dancing @ CDJapan
Swimming Dancing @ PlayAsia
Swimming Dancing @


In other electro-news, d-topia's Saori@destiny is finally releasing new music! She's releasing two limited (unfortunately!) singles in the new year, one exclusively through Tower Records and another through HMV (similar to Aira's Valentine Step and Darling Wondering Staring.)

The first release, out 20 Jan, is titled 『エスニック・プラネット・サバイバル』 (Ethnic Planet Survival) is being released through TOWER. Saori's lyrics are always awesome and with a title like that... sounds like it's gonna be good! :P

The second release, out on 17 Feb, is currently untitled and will be through HMV.

TOWER RECORDS・HMV 2ヶ月連続シングルリリース決定!



HMV限定シングル 『タイトル未定』

So, for me anyway, there's something to look forward to in between whatever SAWA's got up ahead for us. :P Aira's got something new up ahead as well, a song being used in an Ario CM titled HEAT MY LOVE. Whether it gets a single release, we'll find out soon I hope!

Have a happy Thanksgiving all US-SAWAitians! :D

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kentaro Tracks

Previews from Kentaro Takizawa's new album are up on Youtube.

I got it wrong about SAWA's input. It seems that on the track Another Landscape, she's mostly just speaking (in English). She doesn't really sing, but there's some vocalizing stuff going on in the background, sounds nice enough.

The other track she was featured on wasn't the intro, but instead the last track Keep Love Together, under The BIG ROOM Family (which consists of Mika Arisaka, Ryohei, SAWA and Mika Sawabe.) From what I heard it sounds embarssingly bad. xP SAWA's part isn't heard however.

EDIT: She is on the intro as well, just speaking "Welcome To The Big Room" ovah and ovah. It's up on iTunes now, as well as a not-so-good remix of Another Landscape. The original Another Landscape, though, is kinda nice. :)

Ah well, everyone seems to love Swimming Dancing! :) I hope she continues with this pattern, Go SAWA!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

There Will Be a PV

I know Swimming Dancing isn't even out yet ...

..but I'm ready for some new stuff. :P~

Maybe 'cause it's just the two tracks, but I dunno, I kinda hope she keeps at it.

Anyway, she's been working on the PV for Swimming Dancing, apparently it's up in the mountains.. seems like in a field? Here's a pic from the set:

The director is the same from Manycolors, Shiina Ringo's last PV (which was brilliant), and I ~think~ Namie Amuro's latest Vidal Sassoon CM's. SAWA says it has kind of a foreign feel to it.. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

New episode of Sa-world Radio tomorrow..

Support Asobi Seksu!

Asobi's goin' to the UK!

However, they're low on funds, and aren't really getting paid during their shows there, so if you're a fan (or if you're not, check them out!) help them out!

On The Road Again: Asobi Seksu Goes On Tour

There's a cute li'l video from Yuki + James explaining the project, and also rewards! They also mention doing an acoustic tour in the US, which I'm super psyched fer.. I've seen them twice this year and I'd love to see them a third time.

Maybe they'll finally play Breathe Into Glass! I love that song.

Anyway.. spread the word! ..and if you can, back the project.. I'm sure they'd appreciate any any amount!