Monday, June 27, 2011

New Songs Played at Latest Live

There are a few reports of SAWA's latest one man stating she performed three new songs titled:

ミスターブラウン (Mr. Brown)
ハッピーバースデー (Happy Birthday)
青空 (Aozora; Blue Sky)

Also in attendance were Aya Arvin homa (a frequent lyric collaborator on SAWA's albums), DJ AYUMi (recent producer, for Christmas Eve), Yukihiro Fukutomi (SAWA's Obi-Wan) and Emi Tawada.

There's also a string of new live dates for next month and another big one-man in November.

We'll keep ya posted.

Setlist from SAWA's mixi, posted from Funky-san's blog

01. New thank you for visiting
02. JetCoaster
03. ManyColors
~ MC ~
04. Green
05. Stars
06. イチゴ畑でつかまえて
~ MC ~
07. Mysterious Zone
~ MC ~
08. Space Travel
09. Planet-T
10. Swimming Dancing
11. 春に (木下牧子 cover; choral arrangement)
~ MC ~
12. Mr. Brown (New Song!)
13. Happy Birthday (New Song!)
14. あいにいくよ 
~ MC ~
15. I'm a President
~ Encore ~
16. あおぞら(New Song!)
17. I Can Fly

Mr. Brown is a swing style track and あおぞら (青空/Aozora/Blue Sky) is a mid-tempo ballad.


  1. She must have at least a mini-album's worth of tracks ready. Something is going to come out this year... it has to.

    Hmm, I'm noticing a mostly male crowd there. Aha, I bet every one of those guys has a crush on her.

    This picture from the live was pretty cool:

  2. I hope so! I kind of hope she sticks with the mini-album formula although I wonder now that she's major if she's gonna implement the normal single+album deal.

    Probably, haha. Just looking for the setlist on 2ch I saw many comments in that vein of that or "I wish she'd do an AV debut" kind of deal. ._.