Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Title that doesn't stir up insane excitement but let's everyone know that it seems like there might be some progress"


No big news, sorry.. However SAWA tweeted a pic of some interest today of Hisashi Nawata working on a track at her place.

Haha, notice the SAWA glass.

So... something in the works..

Nawata recently did some production on Shibasaki Kou's CIRCLE CYCLE album with one of hte best tracks on it, パラレルワールド・リーディング (Parallel World Reading) and Sowelu's album last year with the song NEVER feat. VERBAL. Of course he also produced SAWA's last mini-album title track, あいにいくよ, so expecting good things!

Give it a listen

They seem to be pretty good friends and he's joined her for many lives to play keyboard as well.. Wonder if they'll have it finished for the next big one-man-live?


Also.. there's a post of SAWA-fan interest at the wonderful STEREO_NiGHT LJ community.. you might wanna check it out. You have to join, though!

Also2.. SAWA's started her myspace blog back up, check it out for some pics she took of her recent trip to Paris!

That is all for now!


  1. Haha yeah I saw that photo - there appears to be a chocolate milk zone going on in that SAWA glass.

    I noticed that he's using Logic Pro... there doesn't seem to be many separate tracks on that project, which is interesting because あいにいくよ had such a full sound. Goes to show that simplicity is often better when it comes to music production. Very exciting.

  2. Chocolate milk zone.. teehee.

    I hadn't thought about that actually! It could just be raw demo form though. Either way, they've been a great combo so far and I'm excited too!