Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Song Played At One-Man

Seems SAWA's latest live was a success! Not only did she play a new cover song, but a new untitled song as well! Also she's announced a new one-man live in June; SAWAの惑星! (PLANETSAWA:D) (..Hopefully a new RELEASE PARTYY..)

1. NightDesert
2. Discovery
3. Mysterious Zone
4. I Can Fly
5. Samba de Mar -NAKATSUKATAKESHI remix-
6. Throw him away!
7. 心の瞳(Kyu Sakamoto cover)
8. あいにいくよ
9. ~New Song~
10. JetCoaster
11. ManyColors
12. Blue
13. Danger Zone ~逃げろ!危うし Sa-World!~
14. Swimming Dancing
15. SuperLooper
16. Stars
17. Green
18. My Sunny Days

Setlist from
Funky-san's blog
Check out his blog to read about the live, as well as other lives (he's attended a lot!) He's quite a nice guy. :)

Hopefully we'll have newwwwws soon! Shall keep updated


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