Friday, March 9, 2012


The song SAWA wrote recently for Sasaki Nozomi, カラフルワールド, is going to appear on Sasaki's new album NOZOMI COLLECTION, coming out in April. There will be a PV for the track on this release as well.

The two tracks with note native are out now, on physical release and iTunes.

Also, mentioned on her twitter by a fan and on her blog today, SAWA performed yet another new song live titled Good day sun shine.

Current list of new songs played live:
Good day sun shine
Bubble Wrap
Tell A Lie
Mr. Brown
Happy Birthday
No Appointment Romeo
+ as well as a few covers

'Tis all for now~ Hope you're having a nice day today. If not, find a few minutes to take to yourself. Go outside, put on some headphones, regroup your thoughts, make yourself a nice lunch if you can. Adiós!

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