Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hisashi Nawata

This is a slightly-off topic post about recent and frequent SAWA collaborator, Hisashi Nawata.

He's been working behind the scenes with artists a lot the past few of years, and seems to becoming more and more prominent.

Originally, he mostly collaborated with m-flo's VERBAL (some arranging on Visionair, BoA's BUMP! BUMP!, Sowelu's NEVER) and Taku (Sowelu's MATERIAL WORLD, Ami Suzuki's Reincarnation) producing for other artists, but he's been branching out and producing on his own.

Last year he worked on thumping, ethereal track for Shibasaki Kou called パラレルワールド・リーディング (Parallel World Reading) from her album CIRCLE CYCLE. This month, he produced her new single Strength, which SAWA recently gushed about on her twitter. He's also producing Shibasaki Kou's yet to be released single ANOTHER WORLD, out this summer.

Of course, he also created SAWA's あいにいくよ back in 2010, but now has also collaborated with her for a track for Nozomi which has yet to be released (as well as another song titled Diamond Days.)

He's been performing on keys for SAWA's live band off and on, and they've been in and out of the studio recently... I personally love his work, he gives everything this glossy, synthy feel, and hope he works with SAWA much more in the not too distant future.

The tracks named are really just the tip of all the artists he's worked with. For a total list, check out his site.

Check out his twitter as well.

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