Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome To Sa-World!

Well well well!

Full album it is! Welcome To Sa-World, out in July!

So far the details are a bit vague, but it sounds like.. The five title-tracks from the mini-albums, 7 SAWA-produced tracks (including an intro, interlude and outro) and five other new tracks from past producers. (Woo-hoohoo, 17 tracks, really?)

Also .. finally A PV DVD! Right now there's no mention of the PV's for Stars and ManyColors.. but hopefully they'll be put on there..

Don't quote me on this as it's too soon! :P

We've actually heard a bit of the intro during her live Swimming Dancing release party on sa-world RADIO! I had no idea she had composed it herself, I thought maybe ☆taku might have made a one-off for the release party.. but it's really hard sounding stuff! If you missed it before here's a clip.

Right now she's gone on a mini-vacation to South Korea (as she did before COLORS, while she was composing the mini-album-that-never-surfaced), maybe for inspiration, or rest, who knows. Let's hope it does some good!

Preorder @ CDJAPAN/Neo wing
Regular Version
Limited Version w/ DVD

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