Tuesday, May 4, 2010


From sa-world:

1st Full Album
Welcome to Sa-World
2010.7.07 release

DVD付初回生産限定盤:ESCL-3475-76 ¥3,465(tax in)
通常盤:ESCL-3477 ¥3,059(tax in)

01 Opening Ceremony ~Sa-Worldへようこそ~
02 MerryGoRound
03 Stars
04 NightBus
05 Chocolate Zone ~野生のSAWA~
06 ManyColors
07 I'm a president
08 Throw him away!
09 Danger Zone ~逃げろ!危うしSa-World!~
10 Swimming Dancing
11 Planet-T
12 Friday Night
13 Eat It All ~Live in Sa-World~
14 I Can Fly
15 あいにいくよ
16 Dream about...
17 Thank you for visiting ~My name is...~

Mmm. So full of WTF-ness. Who's excited?

Looks like there's a total of 5 interludes (counting intro and outro)? MerryGoRound is actually a reeally old track, I think. It shares the same title as one of the songs she wrote for her first mini-album that never saw the light of day.. Dunno if it's the same..

Still no sign of Stars or ManyColors PV... waaah!

More info as it comes!

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  1. mmh not sure If I'll buy this, I'm loving the tracklist and manycolors song is there so that's good but if they don't include the PV I won't be happy at all.

    PLus I'm not actually satisfied of what sawa is doing right now. I mean is really good actually and she's growing wich is great, but I don't feel the connection like before So I'll wait.

    Thanks for the info!.