Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kentaro Tracks

Previews from Kentaro Takizawa's new album are up on Youtube.

I got it wrong about SAWA's input. It seems that on the track Another Landscape, she's mostly just speaking (in English). She doesn't really sing, but there's some vocalizing stuff going on in the background, sounds nice enough.

The other track she was featured on wasn't the intro, but instead the last track Keep Love Together, under The BIG ROOM Family (which consists of Mika Arisaka, Ryohei, SAWA and Mika Sawabe.) From what I heard it sounds embarssingly bad. xP SAWA's part isn't heard however.

EDIT: She is on the intro as well, just speaking "Welcome To The Big Room" ovah and ovah. It's up on iTunes now, as well as a not-so-good remix of Another Landscape. The original Another Landscape, though, is kinda nice. :)

Ah well, everyone seems to love Swimming Dancing! :) I hope she continues with this pattern, Go SAWA!

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