Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Out, Go Get It SAWAitians!

It's funny, there was so much negative feedback about Swimming Dancing in the beginning: it only had 2 songs, it shouldn't be called a mini-album, SAWA shout-sings.. Now that it's out however, it seems like everyone's really pleased!

Epic PV and artwork, remixes that aren't crap, and of course wonderful music.. I'm really glad that quite the little SAWA community has been created. Let's all hope for new music soon!

If you haven't got it yet, dooooo iiiit:

Swimming Dancing @ YESASIA
Swimming Dancing @ CDJapan
Swimming Dancing @ PlayAsia
Swimming Dancing @


In other electro-news, d-topia's Saori@destiny is finally releasing new music! She's releasing two limited (unfortunately!) singles in the new year, one exclusively through Tower Records and another through HMV (similar to Aira's Valentine Step and Darling Wondering Staring.)

The first release, out 20 Jan, is titled 『エスニック・プラネット・サバイバル』 (Ethnic Planet Survival) is being released through TOWER. Saori's lyrics are always awesome and with a title like that... sounds like it's gonna be good! :P

The second release, out on 17 Feb, is currently untitled and will be through HMV.

TOWER RECORDS・HMV 2ヶ月連続シングルリリース決定!



HMV限定シングル 『タイトル未定』

So, for me anyway, there's something to look forward to in between whatever SAWA's got up ahead for us. :P Aira's got something new up ahead as well, a song being used in an Ario CM titled HEAT MY LOVE. Whether it gets a single release, we'll find out soon I hope!

Have a happy Thanksgiving all US-SAWAitians! :D

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