Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Artists Behind Soprano Rain

Minna no Uta credits illustrator/painter/writer Emi Mariduki as an artist working with SAWA for her Soprano Rain short. She actually has written a small book with the same name. You can read it  here .

Emi Mariduki's work is beaaaautiful. Mainly using watercolor, she creates vividly colorful and surreal universes in her paintings.

As well as Emi Mariduki, animator Oomomo Yousuke is behind this project. Check out a lovely example of Oomomo's work below.

Also a little more info... Good day Sunshine as well as tracks 4, 5 and 6 are self-produced. On the title track, SAWA actually worked with a producer I'm not familiar with named Toshihiko Nishibe. It seems he's done work with a few anime soundtracks. Mysterious Zone was created with Jazzin' Park (who remixed Stars and produced I'm a President.) The Kyu Sakamoto cover I'm not sure on yet, but I believe it's acapella?

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