Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jack Knife

Is everyone enjoying 「あいにいくよ」?

SAWA did a quick video for MUSIC BB, promoting the new mini-album:

Thank you Eight0008!

SAWA has stated in a couple interviews that this mini-album is a return to her roots. Besides, obviously, COLORS and the more pop sound.. SAWA's had experience in this area before.

As mentioned before, she briefly had a solo under the name 'Kouchi'. Before this however she was simply known as 'Sawa Kouchi', in a five-girl group called Jack Knife.

Here's a blurb about SAWA from their old website:

河内 沙和/Sawa Kouchi


Jack Knife did a few lives; judging by an article on one of their performances, mostly covers. They disbanded in 2004.

It's cool to see how people have evolved over time, and in six years SAWA's steadily gotten better and gotten more recognition. She's really a motivated person, I think, to have released so much in so little time, and to have started so early on.

I'm glad she's gone the direction she has (and hasn't gone idol on us :P) I look forward to many more mini-albums to come!

For more info on Jack Knife, you can still see their old website, and there's a short article on one of their live shows. The group still keeps in contact, I think, they've recently reunited with a few other girls (all as friends) back in March. There's a blog post from one of the girls here.

Thanks to rewak for research and links. He's the best!!

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  1. Tha's quite interesting, tho I have to desagree in the idol part haha, when I saw/heard the new song I felt the yuko ogura vibe... is that good or bad? haha I don't know but I felt like I was watching yuko ogura on あいにいくよ.

    I mean I know it's sawa and all! and I like the song is just something I notice =P.