Friday, March 5, 2010


Hey all!

So at the moment, I'm quite musically bored... What are you guys listening to?

I've mostly been listening to JASMINE and Mizca lately.

JASMINE's got a new single coming up next month, right after releasing a single(just two days ago!) titled This Is Not A Game. She's releasing a 'thrillogy' of singles for the next three months: March's being This Is Not A Game, April's will be new single JEALOUS.

I love her themed album photos, with a color for each single.. and I hope she continues with this pattern. It's what pulled me in in the first place! Seems a bit shallow now that I think about it... but I actually liked the music too so it turned out good, I guess, haha.. I've always been kind of drawn in by packaging and stuff, so it just seems kinda natural.

Seems like a lot of my favorite artists are in a 'work-in-progress' stage, and it's made me a bit restless.

Mostly at the moment I (of course) really miss SAWA, and Asobi Seksu. It's been kind of a strange year or so and their music has partially helped me get through it.. I've gotten a bit dependant on them maybe.. hehe..

I'd be happy to hear what everyone else is listening to.. I'm welcome to any suggestions!

Hope everyone's had a lovely start of March. Hang in there everyone, spring is around the corner!!!!!


  1. I miss Sawa too! Was listening to Swimming Dancing the other day and relived how amazing the end chorus was. Would you happen to have an MP3 of Sweet Dance by Ram Rider? I can't find any info on him or music other than a few songs but I love his style to death!

    Also if you haven't heard Capsule's new album it's pretty good!

  2. I tried the new capsule.. I dunno, so far the only track I could really keep interest in is Stay With You. I really like it, though! :P

    I love RAM too. I was surprised at how lovely his voice really is!

    I think Sweet Dance ( is a good one.. Bedroom Disco and Feels Gonna Feel are probably my favorites though! (I dunno why!)

  3. (Sorry for the late reply, Final Fantasy 13 can do that to ya! :P)

    You're amazing!! Thanks so much for the MP3!! I love Ram Rider too, but I had a hard time finding anything by him. In think I'm gonna search more...

    I agree! It reminds me of a Perfume song but it's performed by Capsule. If you're interested in Jazz (which I saw you liked Jazzin Park's remixes which were amazing) I'd highly suggest Clazziquai Project. They do Korean, Japanese, and English music. They do a fushion of Jazz, House, Techno, Groove and other genres and I love them to death! Been listening to their 2nd album for 3 months already...

    Thanks again for the mp3!

  4. So I'm not the only one loving both Asobi Seksu and Sawa ^^
    Any listening recommendations? (Sorry if you already know...):
    Nav Katze
    Pop chocolat
    Advantage Lucy
    Tokyo pinsalocks
    Aural vampire

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    I like Clazziquai Project. :) After Love is one of my favorite songs. :)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Asobi Seksu. I've seen them live twiiiice and will see them again the next time they're in my corner! They're probably my most favorite band from The States.

    The only thing I knew off the list was Aural Vampire, who I like as well.. so I'll have to try out the rest, thanks!