Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Calling All Long-Time SAWA Fans

I was reading through SAWA's old blog posts (Don't judge me, I've been snowed in! :P) and she mentioned a few tracks being posted on her myspace before the release of COLORS or before she'd even met FreeTEMPO!

SAWA's blog

The tracks she mentions are titled メリーゴーランド (Merry-Go-Round), talking, happiness, and 坂道 (Sakamichi; Slope). There maybe another track titled in the music, as well, a blogger mentioned that the five tracks were used as background music on her homepage.

There's also a couple of dead ends on last.fm. It seems as though talking and
メリーゴーランド had a few listens on there, but naturally, there's no listeners to contact.

I don't have a mixi account, so I'm not really sure if there's any info there either.

If anyone has heard these tracks, or has happened to have ripped them from her website or player.. it'd really be appreciated to share them with the rest of the SAWA fans out there!

Thanks in advance for any info, and also to the blogger I spoke with this morning. :)

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