Monday, July 20, 2009

Heyyyyy Heyyy Hey?


Slightly off-topic today.

You know the Seaside Town compilation I keep gushing about? There's one track called Sweet sea side that's been arranged by ZECKY of DISCOSSESSION.. Originally the vocal for that track was AYA of Stoned Green Apples.

I did some research on AYA and her band (because I'm a geek) and I was immediately psyched by their music, and for Seaside even more so! Now, however, I just found on cinnabom's blog (who's also very talented too, her band sugar plant, and her solo stuff) that she's on the vocal of the track now.
Some sites still say AYA, some are saying cinnabom. Dunno who it is, either way I'm excited.

I just wish one ore the other isn't excluded.. maybe it's a duo, haha! I'd like to hear electro AYA though..
Anyway, you should check out the Stoned Green Apples if you get a chance.. they've got two EP's, the first titled *deep breath* :

A red strange fruit was crushed with a little plosive sound, then it left me a green one. I bite it once in a while when it rains.
1. Sugar-K
2. Peter Pan
3. Do Ya?
4. Oh So Blue!
5. Broccoli Salad
6. 梅雨時の話

and the second

Will You Marry Me?
1.Girls Don't Marry 
3.Time of The Season (二人のシーズン) 
4.I Wanna Fuck You (2009 Mix) 
6.Sugar K (Yura Yura Teikoku Remix) 
7.Peter Pan (Luger E-Go Remix Short Edit)

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