Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy Bee

Seriously, Sound Around's new single, the yet to be released Gundam track.. a new ALBUM and now yet another compilation track! Lady doesn't rest apparently! A track called Samba De Mar for a compilation called SEASIDE TOWN.

1. Samba De Mar(SAWA)
2. 渚(和田純子(BE THE VOICE))
3. 忘れられたBig Wave(未定)
4. 青い珊瑚礁(和田純子)
5. RIDE ON TIME(和田純子)
6. 波よせて(Small Circle Of Friends)(和田純子)
8. 渚・モデラート(未定)
9. サザエさん一家(未定)
I'm pretty excited about this, it's pathetic. :P Along with SAWA, a number of tracks are done by Wada Junko (of BE THE VOICE) who (along with SAWA) did tracks on a compilation called Juicy Fruits which is excelleeeent.

If they call back some more of the artists from Juicy Fruits with this, I'd go nuts. :P

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